Business lease

Why long-term lease?

  • The purpose of business lease is for company to save time and money needed for fleet management.
  • We relieve you from stress and save you the time spent for managing your fleet. Save your energy and financial resources for your basic business activities
  • the cost of monthly rental is fixed and does not change throughout the leasing period. It may also include all registration fees, insurance and servicing of vignettes.
  • one monthly account for all vehicle with separate headings for simple bookkeeping and billing privileges.
  • Operating lease of vehicles will not be charged into the balance as a long-term commitment, but is kept as off-balance sheet obligation, which does not limit your credit potential, you need to make any investments.
  • Fixed monthly rent is a predictable cost and expense in your balance sheet, which at the same time reduces the amount of tax on profits.


Who are the most frequent users of long-term business lease?

  • natural persons who need a vehicle only for the use and not for ownership
  • Companies with more vehicles in the fleet.
  • Legal persons and individual entrepreneurs who wish to take into account the cost of renting without depreciation calculation.
  • Service companies with high added value and with little recognized costs.
  • Public companies tied to forward certain budgets.??
  • Foreign representatives
  • for (project managed) companies with term-limited period of time


What service does ABmobil offers:

  • Short-term and long-term leases of vehicles:

Company ABmobil d. o. o. offers both short-term, daily rent (or so-called rent-a-car) as a long-term lease of vehicles for a period of up to five years. Options of rental vehicles are adapted to the needs of customers, which are individually negotiated, which way is the most optimal.

  • Consulting:

We advise companies to optimize the choice of the fleet. We analyse the existing fleet and then we prepare a proposal for and new optimal fleet, depending on the client’s needs and the state of the automotive market.

  • Purchases of vehicles:

Company ABmobil d. o. o. takes all concerns regarding the purchase of new cars – from vehicle procurement, monitoring timely delivery, payment of vehicle from supplier to the delivery of the registered, fully prepared vehicle to the desired location of the subscriber.

  • Insurance:

Vehicles rented are having a basic insurance with the insurance of persons AO, AO + and full comprehensive (KASKO) insurance with 1% deductible.

  • solving damage claims

ABmobil on your behalf resolves damage cases since the adoption of an accident, to repair vehicles in our contractual partners.

Claims management includes:

  • advising in case of an accident,
  • organizing a visit of an insurance appraiser and inventory damage,

to communicate with insurance companies,

  • professional repair in specialized workshops in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions,
  • guaranteed courtesy car for the duration of repairs.


Vehicles maintenance:

  • Company ABmobil d. o. o. provides all the regular servicing of vehicles during the rental period according to the specification and the manufacturer’s instructions. In normal use, or wear vehicle service also includes consumables, such as brake pads, wiper blades, etc. ABmobil will drove the vehicle to a service and at the same time to the desired location brought a replacement vehicle for the duration of servicing.
  • tires

Vehicles are always equipped according to season tires (Summer / winter), by the approval of the manufacturer. Rent includes cost of goods, centring and retention of annual / winter tires.

  • 24/7 Roadside assistance

ABmobil provides 24-hour roadside assistance (toll-free telephone number) and delivery of a replacement vehicle in any EU country and in other countries of the former Republic of Yugoslavia


  • Replacement vehicle

All tenants have available for free vehicle in the case of ordinary and extraordinary service or in the event of damage to the vehicle.

  • Buying fleet

Company ABmobil d. o. o. offers its customers the option to purchase the existing fleets of companies. This relieve companies from the potential borrowing for the core business.???

  • Sales of used vehicles

We offer our customers assistance in the sale of used vehicles, the regulation of all administrative procedures in relation to sales, preparing vehicles for sale arrangements of any injuries and editing repaid by insurance.

  • ABmobil – Online

All long-term tenants have on-line access to a review of its fleet over the Internet applications. We offer vehicle equipment with GPS monitoring, which ensures the optimization of business trips and fuel consumption. Through applications is also possible billing of travel expenses for each vehicle.

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