Business lease


Trust your fleet management to professionals, stop worrying about operating your vehicles and save your most needed time and energy for your primary business activities.

Rent A Car


Stop by our ABmobil d.o.o. office, located on the Ogrinčeva cesta 4 (office building Rotonda) at the intersection of Dujanska cesta and Ljubljana bypass road and  choose from a wide and newest selection of personal cars,  vans and motorcycles.

Chauffer service


In cooperation with our business partners we offer a high-quality transfers  with professional chauffeurs for protocol, VIP, business or gala events. We also offer special transfers that needs personal protection.

    Guided by results

    Operating lease with a comprehensive range allows savings and anticipated fixed costs of your fleet management. Your only concern should be your primary business activity.

    Proven technology

    No worries on the road. Always a replacement vehicle ready for you in case of any unpleasant incidents that might prevent you proceed..

    Winning culture

    By considering your needs and our experiences, we will put together the most rational and individual offer, fully tailored to your needs that will facilitate your business.

    Best performance

    In cooperation with our business partners – suppliers we provide you with the best offers, according to the current market situation.

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